Welcome to Hawk Watch Winery!


syrah cabernet sauvignon blanc muscat zinfandel winesFrom our crisp, refreshing fruit driven whites, to our dry and semi-dry roses, to our big, rich full bodied reds, at Hawk Watch we pride ourselves on being able to offer premium, award winning wines that appeal to every preference and palate.  Not only do we grow and maintain our own estate vineyards we also hand select grapes from several additional outstanding local vineyards. Below is a list of the grape varietals we use to create our award winning wines, the local vineyard(s) we use including our own estate vineyard, and a brief description of what each varietal typically displays. If you’d like to get more information about any of current vintages, or would like to place an order (whites range in price from $18.00 – $20.00, reds from $28.00 – $34.00), please contact the winery at (951) 326-4692 or email us at sales@hawkwatchwinery.com.  We are able to ship to all states with the exception of New Hampshire, Maine, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Massachusetts.  If you want us to be able to ship to one of these states, please talk to your congressman!


Sauvignon Blanc – Citrus, herbs, minerals, gooseberry
Vineyard:  Galway

Viognier – Tropical fruit, guava, melon, citrus
Vineyard:  DePortola

2012 Orange Muscat – Honeysuckle, peach, lemon
Vineyard:  Hawk Watch Estate


Sequoia (Grenache Rose) – Raspberry, cherry, watermelon
Vineyards:  Ramirez / Hawk Watch Estate / Drake / Los Caballos


Syrah – Black raspberry, earth, smoke
Vineyards:  Hawk Watch Estate / Atwood / Allesandro / Carol Lee / Vista Del Monte / Los Caballos

Cabernet Franc – Bell pepper, clove, spice
Vineyards:  Hawk Watch Estate / Carol Lee / DePortola / Bower / Rennie

Merlot – Black cherry, blueberry, herbs
Vineyards:  Hawk Watch Estate / DePortola / Carol Lee

Malbec – Blackberry, leather, tobacco
Vineyards:  Hawk Watch Estate / Fitzpatrick

Cabernet Sauvignon – Bell pepper, brown sugar/spice, green olive
Vineyards:  Hawk Watch Estate / Rolling Hills / Vista Del Monte / Carol Lee

Petite Verdot – Smoke, boysenberry, earth
Vineyard:  Fitzpatrick / Carol Lee

Petite Sirah – Blackberry, earth, cigar box
Vineyards:  Hawk Watch Estate / B&H / Wicketts

Mourvedre – Earth, mushroom, black raspberry
Vineyard:  Los Caballos

Zinfandel – Cedar, tobacco, cigar box, leather
Vineyard:  Huis / Gray

Sangiovese – Bing cherry, raspberry, spice
Vineyard:  Brewer