Welcome to Hawk Watch Winery!

Whether you call it “old world”, “old school”, or “traditional” our winemaking practices are time honored techniques that result in full bodied, intense, bold red wines and elegant, fruit driven whites.

Starting in the vineyard, we’ve hand selected only the grape varieties that grow well in our climate, in our soil type and at our latitude.  Next, our grapes are handpicked at the peak of ripeness and brought directly to the winery where they’re crushed using a small, gentle crusher/destemmer.  Pressing is done using a traditional basket press which extracts less juice from the grapes than other more modern forms of presses, but yields higher quality, richer color, and more intense flavors and aromatics. 

The entire winemaking process from crushing the freshly picked grapes to bottling the finished wine is done on-premises, is hands-on, and is incredibly time and labor intensive.  Unlike many larger wineries we perform manual punch downs during red wine fermentation, we rack and return our red wines at least 3-4 times during the maturation process (the 24-36 month period our reds typically spend in barrel), and we bottle, label, cork and capsule our own wines.  We firmly believe that keeping the entire winemaking process in-house is critical to producing a premium bottle of wine.

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