Welcome to Hawk Watch Winery!


As you walk through the front door of our tasting room, there’s a likely possibility that you’ll encounter at least one if not both of our resident mousers.  Zena and Zorro are brother and sister and have been with us since the beginning keeping our cellar and tasting room rodent free.  Both are very people friendly and love human affection, but if you’re a mouse (or a lizard), beware! Our mousers are strictly indoor cats and do not go outside the winery building. Below are their resumes:


– Although her name is misspelled intentionally (should be Xena), she is one fat and happy kitty weighing in at a hefty 19 pounds. She’s been on a diet for over 5 years now and hasn’t lost a single pound. We have a feeling she does most of the “mousing”, and that her brother Zorro just hangs out as her wing man. Zena is very affectionate, but because of her weight and inability to jump very high spends most of her time curling around your legs on the floor and sitting behind our tasting bar. She doesn’t really like begin picked up, but sure loves to be pet.


– (AKA Mr. Lovey Dovey). He is the “lighter” of the two at 18 pounds, but most of that weight is pure muscle (so he will contend). Zorro is all about playing, although he sometimes forgets that he has 20 razor sharp claws… He claims to be “a lover not a fighter”, but we think the mice would disagree with that. He will most likely greet you from atop “his” wine barrel in the center of our tasting room. Zorro loves to be pet and picked up, but watch out for those claws! He doesn’t seem to be able to distinguish between “human” and “tree” sometimes…