Welcome to Hawk Watch Winery!


Our Dog / Pet Policy

You love your dogs and we love your dogs, but our winery cats….not so much.  Our indoor tasting room cats Zena and Zoro are our resident mousers and are not familiar with dogs, so are easily frightened by them.  Your dog may love cats, but that doesn’t mean our cats love your dogs!  So, while you’re free to bring your dog to our winery, your pooch will need to stay outside on a leash under our patio cover.  We do have a few simple rules for pets that we have outlined below to ensure that everyone (including those without pets) has an enjoyable time while visiting our winery.dog1

  1. All pets must be on a leash or in a carrier at all times.
  2. Pets must be accompanied by their owner at all times.
  3. For your pet’s safety, please don’t walk your pet in the vineyard.  We do have rattlesnakes in the vineyard periodically.
  4. Pet’s need to be well behaved and quiet.  Pets should not bark at guests or bother them if they wish to be left alone.  Some people are afraid of dogs, and particular breeds specifically.
  5. If nature calls we ask that you please pick up after your pet.
  6. If your pet is causing a problem we may ask you to remove your pet from our winery area.  We have a quiet, peaceful setting and would like all of our guests to have an enjoyable, relaxing time while visiting.

Of course legitimate service animals that provide a service for the disabled are always welcome.  However, if you do have a service animal we ask that, prior to entering our tasting room you give us a minute to put our cats in their carriers.  The rules above apply to service animals as well.  Thanks very much for your cooperation.